DIY-Infrared Checker

DIY Infrared Checker

Another funny and really easy to build project. I made this tool just because I needed to check if my Tv-B-Gone was still scanning all the infrared codes in a shopping mall, under stealth mode. This is the components list:

All the components were soldered on a perfboard as you can see by the following pictures:

data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen1.jpg data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen2.jpg data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen3.jpg data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen4.jpg
data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen5.jpg data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen6.jpg data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen7.jpg data/electrothings/DIY-infrared_checker/media/screen8.jpg

All you need to build this tool is an Infrared phototransistor, a 330 Ohm resistor, a LED and a 9 Volt battery. Connect the positive pole of the 9 Volt battery, to the LED's cathode and then, the anode to the 330 Ohm resistor. Afterwards, connect the resistor to phototransistor's anode and the cathode to the positive pole. Solder everything on a perfboard, following the schematics or the various pictures, related to this project.

If you want you can follow the project, or leave a comment, on, by the following address:

Here there are the various schemes: [scheme #1]

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