Here's the second version of my project called Ardugm. A pretty simple interface between Gmail and Arduino. Thanks to a software written in Perl you'll be able to check your gmail account and send to arduino a signal, in order to play a song and blinking some leds, when a new mail was received...

data/electrothings/ardugm/media/screen1.jpg data/electrothings/ardugm/media/screen2.jpg
data/electrothings/ardugm/media/screen3.jpg data/electrothings/ardugm/media/screen4.jpg

The scheme is available here.
To make Ardugm work you need these components:

The following video, will show you how ardugm works...

In the following archive you'll find the arduino source code, the Perl script and the README.txt. Please read carefully the readme, you'll find all the information you need to make Ardugm work!

Download archive [link]

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