Tv-B-Gone made using Arduino

Tv-B-Gone Arduino

A Tv-B-Gone is a tool, initially created by Mitch Altman [@maltman23]. This tool can turn off all the TV controlled by an IR remote. Ken Shirriff has released instead, a version of a Tv-B-Gone, which contains all the IR codes, for all Arduino devices. I used his library for this project, changing some lines of code, making also a kind of shield for my Arduino UNO.
Here you can find the photos of the shield:

data/electrothings/tvbg/media/screen1.png data/electrothings/tvbg/media/screen2.png data/electrothings/tvbg/media/screen3.png
data/electrothings/tvbg/media/screen4.png data/electrothings/tvbg/media/screen5.png data/electrothings/tvbg/media/screen6.png

As you can see by the phots, I used a push button, an infrared LED emitter and a common red LED. All these components were soldered on a perfboard 28x6.
If you want to build your own Tv-B-Gone you can follow the scheme available [here]

Here there's a little demonstration of how it works:

This is probably funnier than the previous one...

The source codes are available [here], please read the README.txt for more information.
You can also follow the project on [link], and leave a comment!

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