Its aim is to notify if there are any wireless network in your zone, turning on LEDs and emitting sounds with the speaker!
You can use the ZLOIND by connecting the device using a USB cable and launching a Perl script which will scan your area and communicates with Arduino via serial port!
If there are unprotected wireless access points in your zone, ZLOIND will start blinking the green LED and emitting a special acoustic notification, otherwise, it blinks the red LED, emitting its special sound alert!

data/electrothings/zloind/media/screen1.jpg data/electrothings/zloind/media/screen2.jpg data/electrothings/zloind/media/screen3.jpg
data/electrothings/zloind/media/screen4.jpg data/electrothings/zloind/media/screen5.jpg data/electrothings/zloind/media/screen6.jpg

The components I used for this project are:

A short demonstration video:

As you can see by the photos, I soldered the various components on the perfboard upside down, well, I was quite noob back then....

Here you can find the scheme: scheme #1.

In the following tar.gz archive, are available the arduino source code and the Perl script [link]

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